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Cowboy Monkey Rodeo Coming to PNC Field

One of the best perks of being a broadcaster is seeing the acts that entertain fans between innings throughout the season. I’ve seen my fair share, from large, dancing inflatables to a bat retrieving dog. When the RailRiders’ 2013  promotional schedule landed on my desk, even my mind was blown by all that is going on at PNC Field this season.

Living on a farm for 21 years of my life instantly draws me to the Cowboy Monkey Rodeo on June 22. Remember how I mentioned the bat retrieving dog? The Cowboy Monkey Rodeo features monkeys RIDING dogs. Let that digest for a second. It’s the cuteness of the zoo meeting the Westminster Dog Show. And these dogs aren’t just parading around in a circle, they’re herding sheep! As the owner of a Collie/Shetland Sheep Dog that just bites my feet when walking with no herding intention (sorry Ernie), I have a soft spot for these animals. As the video below shows you, the Cowboy Monkey Rodeo is something you don’t want to miss.

This is just my personal favorite of our upcoming promotional calendar. It’s jam packed with promotions and giveaways, 18 giveaways to be exact. That’s 11 more giveaways that PNC Field has seen in the last five seasons combined. These items include everything from bobbleheads, baseball bats, pet water bowls, replica jerseys, and much more. A link to the full list can be found below, as well as a video previewing my personal favorite, the Cowboy Monkey Rodeo.


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