Becoming a Ballpark – Episode One

The evolution of PNC Field has been unbelievable, especially the past couple weeks. This past Saturday, fans had a chance to come out for an open house hosted by the RailRiders, and had a chance to peek in the seating bowl. With the concourse and club level still under construction, fans were not able to go into these respective areas.

I joined Cameron Wengrzyn, our Director of Fan Experience, and braved the blistery conditions on Thursday to take you on a behind the scenes tour to check on the progress of PNC Field as it speeds toward Opening Day on April 4. Below is the first episode of our new series; Becoming a Ballpark. While this episode explores almost the entire ballpark, future episodes will focus on a specific feature of PNC Field as it speeds toward completion.

Below is the first video walk-thru of the new PNC Field. Be sure to check back each week to see the progress of the construction, as well as see what new features we will be bringing you at PNC Field for the upcoming 2013 season. PNC Field and the RailRiders staff are steaming towards Opening Day festivities, when on April 4 the Pawtucket Red Sox will provide the first opponent in the reconstructed PNC Field.

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Great job Cameron and Andrew! Really enjoyed seeing the tour of the new ballpark coming together. I look forward to seeing it in person in a couple of months!

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