From Red Sox to Pinstripes: Boston Native Manny Delcarmen Looks to Make His Mark with the Yankees

Manny Delcarmen has made 30 appearances with the SWB Yankees this season

By Tyler Howell

On August 31, 2010, the Boston Red Sox traded away Boston native Manny Delcarmen. He was traded away after spending ten years with the organization he had been a diehard fan of his whole life.

“I probably sat in every section of that park,” Delcarmen said of Fenway Park.  “I always said I wanted to play for them and it was a dream come true.”

Delcarmen, who helped lead the Red Sox to their World Series win in 2007, also holds a Red Sox record for the most games pitched by a Massachusetts native and was the first Red Sox draftee from a public school in 34 years.

“It was pretty cool because you know from being up north we played maybe three months out of the year compared to the south where you can play all year round,” Delcarmen said. “I think it opened up the door for a lot of kids up there and that baseball can be good from there as well.”

As much time as Delcarmen had put into going to Sox games or idolizing Pedro Martinez, the love for the Red Sox has definitely faded.

“I’m really not the biggest fan anymore,” Delcarmen said. “I was there for my whole career, but then I got traded to Colorado. Going all the way on the other side of the country was a little different, having to move the family over and not getting to sleep in my own bed.  I was pretty much just finishing the game and going to bed. Not being home was the toughest part, but you know my career there was awesome.  I have wished them the best ever since I left, but it was just tough at times.”

Growing up he always said he would never want to play with the Yankees and while he admitted that it has been strange he has become accustomed to being in the Yankees organization.

“The way this game works though, wherever you get an opportunity you have to take it,” Delcarmen said. “I went to Spring Training not knowing what to expect and it took me awhile to put on the uniform.  I’m sitting at my locker, like this is really happening but the organizations are pretty similar.  Two teams with strong clubhouses and fans expecting them to win. So, in that aspect, they are the same.”

Delcarmen emphasized on opportunity. He potentially has the opportunity to face the team he called his own for years in the Boston Red Sox.

“That was my one thing, if I ever face Boston I joke around that I will get thrown out,” Delcarmen said. “It would be awesome to make it up with the Yankees and face them.”

Delcarmen went into big league camp this year having to fight for a spot in the bullpen but after doing his normal routine before the first game of spring training he tore his lat and missed almost all of spring. He came back for the last game before the season started and pitched well but after missing so much time he knew it would be hard to make the opening day roster.

“I came back and threw the last game and threw well but when other guys are throwing well and you miss most of spring it’s tough,” Delcarmen said. “While I’ve gotten banged up a little bit the last couple games, I’m just trying to stay positive and get that shot.

“It would definitely be really exciting playing on the other side because I know when I pitched with Boston, any pitcher that came in, the fans at Fenway would boo. At Yankee stadium though, with it being bigger and more compact, my ears would ring when I would pitch there. Just to be on the other side and to just get the opportunity to play for such a great organization would be another dream.”

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Excellent feature on Manny Delcarmen! I am happy Manny is a Yankee now.

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